Mechanical provides mechanical product and machine drawings in different views and perspectives, dimensioning, scaling, material listing, detailing, blow up. Our services include:

•  Product Modeling or Layout

A 3D model of a product is created using its orthographic or 2D view

•  Section drawings

2D section view in the drawing developed from the orthographic views or from the
3D model

•  Isometric View

Isometric view developed from the orthographic view or from the 3D model.

•  Perspective / Exploded Views

Sectional 3D view, exploded views in 3D with centerline markings or assembling of
the parts with or without rendering created for presentation or for the understanding
of internal arrangement of assemblies.

•  Parts detailing

Develop orthographic views of parts from scanned images of papers, real object,
as a reverse engineering work, from the 3D model, or from the data provided by the

•  Library Creation of Components Used Repetitively in the

Create components used repetitively in the drawings such as line type, dynamic block,
hatch pattern etc. which is generated as per the library requirements.

•  Typical Detail Creation

Generate detailing drawing (a standard detail required to put in all projects with
some minor changes) as per component requirements.

•  Mass / Volume of Area Calculations

Create tables containing mass and volume of parts of assembly with total volume
and mass of assembly from the 3D model. The mass could also be modeled in the software
and then the mass or volume of area can be calculated