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QeCAD.com provides structural drafting and detailing services for timber, steel, concrete and prefabricated materials. We also provide bar bending schedule, rebar scheduling Pre stressed detailing and Post stressed detailing. Our services include:
•  Concrete Details / RCC Details / Reinforcement Detailing

Provide structural detail drawings in the form of a table or longitudinal section,
cross section, according to requirement with layers, line type, dimensions, text,
blocks, attributes etc

•  Bar Bending Schedule / Rebar scheduling

Create bar bending schedule from the structural design and rebar scheduling from
the drawing or according to client’s instructions

•  Pre-stressed Detailing

Create cross sections and longitudinal sections of pre-stressed elements from the
design data, code specified, structural plan etc

•  Post-stressed Detailing

Create cross sections and longitudinal sections of post-stressed elements from the
design data, code specified, structural plan etc

•  Steel Details

Create section detail, connection detail, structural plan, typical and elementary
drawings and connection details as per requirements of the client from steel design-drawings
or the reference provided

•  Framing Details

Create longitudinal section and cross section profiles of wall frame, roof frame,
and floor frame etc. It includes framing with material detailing and drafting detailing
with connection details

•  Timber Structures Detailing

Create structural drafting of frame, roof joints, wood structural members, architectural
components, detailing of member sections, connection details etc

•  Structural / Steel Frame 3D Modeling

Develop a complete 3D model of the structure either for the analysis purpose or
for the presentation purpose with connection (if required in 3D) with the help of
ETABS or STAAD or ACAD. 3D models of special connection details or structural members
can be rendered and developed

•  Library Creation of Components Used Repetitively in the

Create components used repetitively in the drawings such as line type, dynamic block,
hatch pattern etc

•  Typical Detail Creation

Create Detail drawing (a standard detail required to put in all projects with some
minor changes) as per component requirements



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