Architectural drafting converts architectural drawings in any form to CAD format for both 2D and 3D views including Landscaping, rendering, file conversion and interior detailing, Our services include:

•  2D Rendered Views

Color application, furniture details, detailed room dimensions, hatch patterns,
shadings, dimensioning or any other specific requirements such as still image of
2D rendering.

•  3D Rendered Views

3D Modeling, view orientation, material application & type, different views
such as day or night, landscaping, enhancement tools required to make real-time
image such as still image of 3D rendering.

•  Architectural Detailing

Creating CAD files for floor plans, elevations, sections, connection details, landscaping
details, call out view can also be generated with accurate dimensions, layers, page
setups, layouts, line types, hatch patterns, or according to customized style.

•  Archival

Conversion of scanned image, hand drawing, or 3D mesh models to CAD files. All details
from old plan to a 2D or 3D model can be transferred as vector data.

•  Floor Plans

Floor plans include dimensions in accordance with county rules, notes, typical details,
legends, etc. Room area calculation table an also be created which is helpful in
calculating HVAC data.

•  Roof Plans

Roof plans in 2D or 3D from floor plan or with the help of client’s instructions.

•  Elevations

Elevations are created from the plan or from the details provided by the client.
It is developed in accordance with dimension as per county rules, notes, typical
details, legends etc. It also includes elevations hatches, landscaping components
(if required) and specific details.

•  Section Views

Section views are created from the plan or 2D sketch. It shows section with cutting
details, dimensions, inside view or with customized details. Sectional elevation
can also be included in this.

•  Interior Detailing

2D drawings of the interior view of the building are developed with furniture details,
arrangement of interior elements, lighting layouts etc.

•  Landscaping

Landscape plan includes plantations, site components like foundations, dustbins,
benches, contour details of landscaping in case of rise & fall in ground profile.

•  Library Creation

Creation of components used repetitively in the drawings as a block or family component.
This is useful for working on similar projects. Special components such as line
type; dynamic block, families (in Revit Architecture), hatch pattern etc. can also
be generated as per the library requirements

•  Typical Detail Creation

Detailed drawing (a standard detail required to put in all projects with some minor
changes) as per component requirements is generated. Generally connection details,
reinforcement placement in element, manufacturing process view and notes come under
this category.

•  Walkthroughs

Walkthrough with or without rendering, according to time in seconds, with exterior
and interior details such as lightings, materials etc. are developed to get realistic

•  Hand sketch to CAD/ Concept plans to CAD

Vector output of a concept or a sketch created for required architectural drawings
in accordance with the specifications and information provided from the client.

•  Area and Volume Calculations

Room and area table with volumes calculated and tabulated which is useful for analysis
of HVAC and other requirements.

•  Dimensioning

Any CAD drawing dimensioned according to client’s requirements